The 6 Best Places for Roses in Osaka

Roses are in full bloom and give off an enchanting scent twice a year, mid-May to late-May and late-October to early-November. The scent is especially intense early in the morning. So, you might feel an urge to enjoy their pleasant aroma during your morning walk. Roses are most classically associated with love and romance. The meanings vary depending on the color of the roses. Red roses symbolize love and white roses indicate purity. There are five rose gardens in Osaka you can visit. Some gardens hold a rose festival every season.

Nakanoshima Rose Garden

Nakanoshima, located in the center of Osaka city, is the island between the Dojima river and the Tosabori river. This area is a place that symbolizes “city of water” in Osaka. There are some promenades and a spacious lawn field, which is perfect place for a picnic in the island. Nakanoshima Rose Garden, which is a famous sightseeing spot of beautiful roses in Osaka, is located in the east side of the island. The Garden has 3700 roses, 310 in varieties. You can see the colorful roses feeling the spring breeze.

Nakanoshima Rose Garden consisted of three areas. This space is an “open space of roses”, the main space of Rose Garden.

The second area is a “garden of roses”, located in next to “open space of roses”.

The third area is a “path of roses”, which is 240 meters long street connecting to Rose Garden.

ADDRESS〒 530-0005 1 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
ADMISSION FEEFree of charge
HoursOpen 24 hours
ACCESS5-minute walk from Yodoyabashi Station
2-minute walk from Kitahama Station
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Utsubo Park

Utsubo Park, located 5 minutes walk from Hommachi station, is said to be” The Urban Oasis”. That is because this area is known for the busy business district filled with office buildings. You can find this park, which has lush greenery and a relaxing atmosphere in that district. The park has 3,200 roses in 150 varieties and is full of sweet fragrance in the rose season. There are also a fountain and lawn where people spend a leisurely time while viewing the roses.

Utsubo Rose Garden won the “Award of Garden Excellence” as one of the most beautiful rose gardens at World Rose Convention 2006 in Osaka.

Around a fountain is a perfect place for a picnic. Visitors always enjoy playing in the water. 

ADDRESS〒 550-0004 2-1-4 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka
ADMISSION FEEFree of charge
HOURSOpen 24 hours
ACCESS5-minute walk from Hommachi Station
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Expo’70 Commemorative Park

Expo’70 Commemorative Park was built on the Japan World Exposition site in 1970. This park, located in northern suburb of Osaka, has huge lawn areas, a museum, and a Japanese Garden. The Rose Garden in the park has 140 species of 5,400 roses. You can see gorgeous roses and feel relaxed in the abundant nature.

ADDRESS〒 565-0826 Senribampakukoen, Suita-shi, Osaka
HOURS9:30 - 17:00
ACCESS15-minute walk from Bampaku-kinen-koen Station
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Nagai Botanical Garden

Nagai Botanical Garden, located in the southeast corner of Nagai Park, has 1,200 different species of flowers. A botanical garden is a place where you can see beautiful flowers throughout the year. In spring and autumn, 140 kinds, approximately 2,600 bulbs of roses are in full bloom at the Rose Garden in the Garden. One of the best times to go is in the early morning when roses give off fragrance most strongly.

Nagai Rose Garden is “European-Style Rose Garden” with an area on about 7000 Square meter. Visitors enjoy the tremendous beauty shown by a mass of flowers and their various colors.

ADDRESS〒 546-0034 1-23 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
HOURSMarch - October 9:30 - 17:00 (admissions close 16:30)
November - February 9:30 - 16:30 (admissions close 16:00)
ACCESS10-minute walk from Nagai Station
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Hamadera Park

Hamadera Park, designed in 1873, is the oldest park in Osaka.
The Park is famous for its pine groves which is also selected as “”Top 100 pine tree””. The Rose Garden in the park was built in 1993.
It is a circuit-style garden consisting of five zones each made with a different landscaping style such as the Lakes and Waterways Zone, the Japanese Village Zone, the “Mountain Scenery Zone, etc. 6,500 roses in 300 varieties are planted.

ADDRESS〒 592-8346 Hamaderakoencho, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
HOURSOpen 24 hours
ACCESS3-minute walk from Hamaderakoen Station
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Tsurumiryokuchi Park

Tsurumiryokuchi was constructed on the vacant lot of the International Garden and Greenery Exposition 1990. This park has a Japanese Garden, an International Garden, a huge lawn, a playground, and even a horseback riding garden in its 123 hectare area. The windmill, symbol of the park, is located on a hilltop on the east side of the park. Next to it there is a Rose Garden.

You can find one of the must-see roses called “Tsurumi ’90,” planted to commemorate Expo’90, in the Rose Garden. It is known for its fluorescent orange color.

The Sakuya Konohanakan, a greenhouse, is also a place where you can see many kinds of flowers. A rose festival is held there every spring.

ADDRESS〒 538-0036 2-163 Ryokuchikoen, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka
ACCESS3-minute walk from Tsurumi-ryokuchi Station
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