Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous and historic spots in Osaka. You can see the splendid castle tower, magnificent moats and stone walls. Around the castle tower, There is a castle park where has changing seasonal views. The park is also famous for cherry blossom spot, plum grove, beautiful autumn leaves spot. This article introduces some information about Osaka Castle.

Castle Tower

The Construction of Castle Tower was started in 1583 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a powerful feudal lord, but The tower was destroyed by a lightning strike in 1665. Since then, Osaka Castle has lost the castle tower until rebuilting again in 1931.

The current castle tower was rebuilt thanks to Seki, a mayor of Osaka city at that time, and strong desire of the citizens of Osaka. In addition, The castle tower was completely renovated in 1997. It stands as beautiful symbol of Osaka.

The castle tower houses an informative museum can be enjoyed learning the history of Osaka Castle. The tower has a observation deck on the 8th floor. It offers 360-degree views of the Osaka Castle Park and you can see the famous golden dolphins.

Nishinomaru Garden

Nishinomaru area is the second most important place next to castle tower. It is said that brother of Hideyoshi Toyotomi lived here. And after the death of Hideyoshi, his wife also lived here.

Now, Nishinomaru Garden is quiet places to relax and unwind. The garden is suitable place for a picnic. Viewing the castle tower from there is said to be the most beautiful scenery. Especially in Spring, the cherry blossoms against the background of the castle tower in the garden is must-see.


MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO, located in front of the castle tower, is a complex built by renewing the former military headquarters of the 4th Division of the Imperial Japanese Army. It was opened on October 19, 2017. MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO is an impressive building, which looks like a European castle in the Middle Ages. The way it looks has not changed since its construction.

Inside the building, there are the specialty stores line on the first floor, selling products related to Samurai, Ninja, and the Sengoku period. There are restaurants on the second, third, and roof floors, and it’s called THE LANDMARK SQUARE based on the concept of “be a landmark of a cosmopolitan city resonating with the cool Japan vibe that the world loves.”

Jo-Terrace Osaka

Jo-Terrace Osaka, opened June 2016, is shopping complex containing restaurants, cafes and stores. It is located just in front of JR Osakajokoen station. Many restaurants have a table outside, so you can relax and enjoy your meal in fresh air.

Golden boat

The boat covered in golden leaf goes around the moat of Osaka Castle in approximately 20 minutes. You can look up at the stone walls from the golden boat. As can be seen at the golden tea ceremony room, Hideyoshi Toyotomi who first built Osaka Castle, loved gold deeply. The boading point is located in west side of Gokuraku-Bashi Bridge.

Road Train

Road Train takes you around Osaka Castle Park. There are five stations in the park. The trains run every 20 minutes with first departure at 9:30 am to final departure at 17:00 pm.

cherry blossom viewing spot

Osaka Castle Park is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka. When about five flowers in a sample tree located in this park has come into bloom at the end of March, the official announcement of blooming declaration will be made.

Every Spring, it is dyed in light pink inside the park by 3,000 cherry trees primarily Someiyoshino, Yamazakura, Satozakura, etc. The Cherry blossoms start blooming in late-March, so the best time is early-April.

The park is also famous for one of the best peach and plum blossom viewing spots in Osaka. The peach grove is about 4,400 square meters, and has about 200 trees of 12 different varieties. The plum grove is about 12ha, and has about 1270 trees of 100 different varieties.

Hokoku Shrine

The enshrined deity of Hokoku shrine, located in just south of the castle tower, is Hideyoshi Tyotomi who first built Osaka Castle. The shrine offers the blessings of both success in busines and prosperous trade.

The first one you can see is Hideyoshi Toyotomi statue, which grabs a sword in its left hand. Behind the statue, there is a torii, which is a shrine gate, and main shrine.

Photo Spots

– Nishinomaru Garden –
Viewing the castle tower from there is said to be the most beautiful scenery.

– Japanese Garden –
The traditional Japanese garden is a little-known place, because the garden is located on the corner of the Hommaru square, which is just next to the castle tower. You can feel traditional Japanese atmosphere and take picture in front of beautiful pond.

– Gokurakubashi-Bridge –
Gokurakubashi-Bridge is located in north of the castle tower. You can see both the castle tower and bridge, which is decorated “Giboshi”, round shaped traditional Japanese jewel.

Seasonal Scenery

January – First sunrise of the year

April – Full blooming cherry blossoms

May – Fresh green leaves in Spring

June – Hydrangea that blooms in the rainy season

June – The triathlon race, that athlete swims in the moat, is held in June

September – Red Spider Lily and Castle Tower

November – Autumn leaves

December – Big illumination event is held in Nishinomaru Garden


Osaka Castle Park

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