Nippombashi DEN-DEN Town

Nippombashi Denden Town is the representative electronics town in Osaka. The beginning of this town is the increase of shops for radio parts and tools after World War Ⅱ. Many electric stores and appliances shops were in the town, but lately they have been decreasing since Bic Camera in Namba and Yodobashi Camera in Umeda opened in 2001. Then, the town turned into an otaku town by opening new stores such as maid cafe, cosplay shops, and figure shops one after another.

The town is roughly divided into four areas and more than 500 stores such as PC, CD&DVD, audio visual, electronic parts, home appliances, mobile phones, comics, games, robots, maid cafes, restaurants, etc. are collected.


The main street of the town is Sakai-suji.


Ota-road crowded with shops for “Otaku.”

Nansan Street

Nansan Street located in northern side of the town.

Nippombashi Shopping Street

Nippombashi Shopping Street has an atmosphere of a good old town.

Nippombashi Information Center

You can get Nippombashi map and informations about neighboring shops.

PC Shop

Many PC shops sell computer parts for a home built computer.


Animate, is one of the most famous anime shops, sells a large variety of anime, manga, and character goods, as well as cosplay costumes.


Maid cafes are a very popular in Nippombashi area. A waitresses dressed up in French maid outfits welcome you into a wonderland. You must try a really unique experience.

Game Taito Station

Game Taito Station is an amusement arcade filled with many games and crane games.

Capsule toys

There are many toy capsule vending machines. Just put your coins in and turn the dial clockwise.

CD&DVD&Record shop

Nippombashi Street Festa

Nippombashi Street Festa is held every year in March. It is the hugest cosplay event in Osaka. You can see more than 10,000 cosplayers coming from all over Japan at the Festival. Main road is all blocked off for pedestrians. Not only the main street but also side streets are crowded.