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The birthplace of miso ramen is Sapporo; the capital city of Hokkaido prefecture. Although miso ramen can be found all over Japan, there were no specialty miso ramen shop in Osaka until recently.

Nowadays, you can find not only an original miso ramen shop but also a variety of different ones which are combined with seafood, vegetable, porkbone, etc. A recommended miso ramen shop in Osaka is “Mitsuka Bose Kamoshi”; located right near the Umeda Sky Building. The main shop of “Mitsuka Bose” opened in 2007 in Totonaka city of northern Osaka. The second shop is in Umeda.

The entrance of the Umeda shop has large windows. The space is full of feeling of freedom, and the atmosphere within the shop is very cool like a bar. The shop has 30 seats including counter and table. In addition to being inviting for families and couples, a person dining alone can feel free to enter. Many people visit this shop on the way after sightseeing.

They have three popular flavors White miso, Red miso and Spicy miso.

White miso ramen, using a Kyoto white miso, has a mild taste and sweetness.
Red miso ramen, using an Aichi soy bean miso, has a rich flavor.
Spicy miso ramen, using a combination of Japanese and Korean miso, has a spicy and sweet taste.

There are thin and thick noodles and each flavor of broth has a different type of noodle. White miso ramen has thin noodles, Red and Spicy miso ramen have thick noodles.

There is an abundant side menu besides ramen, such as dumplings, fried chicken.

They also serve a local craft beer, that has a fresh aroma from refreshing hops. It is produced in Minoh Osaka.

Mitsuka Bose Kamoshi

StoreMitsuka Bose Kamoshi Umeda
ADDRESS1-2-16 Oyodominami, Kita Ward, Osaka 560-0033
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