The soup is clear with light taste | Kamukura

Born in Dotonbori in 1986, Kamukura is a popular chain of restaurants opened by the owner who used to work as a French chef. They have expanded their business to have branches not only in Osaka but also Tokyo and Kanagawa.

You can order through the vending machine in front of the shop. And hand your ticket over to a staff. Your piping hot ramen arrives in a few minutes. This is a “Oishi Ramen”, the name means “delicious ramen” in English.

The soup, a fusion of French cuisine and Japanese Ramen, is exquisite. It is made by a “Soup Sommelier” qualified to cook the soup. The soup is clear with light taste, not very thick.

You can also enjoy natural sweetness of vegetables, which are plentifully topped on the soup. The noodles are straight with a nice and chewy texture. If you want to add a bit spice to the light taste, try some garlic chive on the garnish plate for free.

You can also order side dishes such as Chinese dumpling and the “gold-medal-winner” deep-fried chicken, which is crispy outside and tender inside.

Once you try Kamukura’s (soy sauce) ramen, you would have a new idea about soy sauce ramen. Definitely worth a visit!


StoreKamukura Dotonbori
ADDRESS1-7-25 Dotonbori, Chuoku, Osaka 542-0071
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