Eating Solo in Dotonbori | ICHIRAN Dotonbori South Building

Ichiran, opened in 1960 in Hakata, Fukuoka, specializes in pork bone ramen. Already having 71 domestic restaurants, this company has now globally expanded to have 6 overseas restaurants in cities such as New York, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Nowadays, the shop has become one of the most popular ramen shops in Dotonbori area. There is always a long queue of waiting people in front of the shop, which shows how popular it is.

A ramen ticket can be purchased from the vending machine. And then you fill out your preferences to order sheet. The taste of your ramen is pretty customizable. You can choose the spiciness of the soup, the tenderness of the noodles, a type of green onion, an amount of garlic and so on. Then you just push “Call Button” installed on each table and hand it to a stuff. That system makes the ordering so easy.

Solo dining booths, called “Flavor Concentration Booths”, let you focus on the flavor and texture of your bowl without any distractions. The booths are separated from the next seats by partitions and from the kitchen by bamboo blinds.

Ichiran’s pork bone broth, extracted from 100% pig bones, is simmered a long time on high heat. The pork bone soup has elegant and rich umami that makes you want to drink it all up. The spicy red sauce floating in the middle of the bowl is a good combination with the pork bone soup.

You can order “kaedama”, a refill of noodles. It is good timing for ordering Kaedama when you finish eating half of the noodles in your bowl. The refill will be ready at just the right moment as you finish your first serving. I recommend that you have one bite of Kaedama before putting it into the soup. You can taste the original wheat flavor and aroma.

ICHIRAN Dotonbori South Building

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